Welcome to 5 continents production!

Our company is born by mixing the experiences and knowledge of a Production & Communication Manager from an international leading merchandise-goods company and an ex-business development manager from Production Paradise.

The idea is clear: to make things very easy and accessible for all the clients who need to produce in nice and different locations!

We make this possible by putting together very reactive, flexible and no costly production companies from all 5 continents that do also fulfill our 10 commandments.

We offer the option of direct contact with the production companies worldwide, meaning no costly middleman involved with as result: Saving time and money.

5 continents is a Simple & Smart solution

  • Choose your destination
  • Contact the closest 5CP member to your destination
  • Action! Start your production!

But, if you just do not know where to go for you next campaign and you do not have the time to search, 5 continents provides a search service based on your briefing.


We can search within our network but also beyond. If you are one of these clients just contact us….Get a quote!


Whether you work with one of our members or not, we’re still here to provide a cost killing consultancy service in order to save you money where you can in your production.