Barcelona - Spain

Shoot Catalonia is a Picture & Motion Production Company located in the center of Barcelona. Our passionate and enthusiastic team ..

Ibiza - Spain

Santa Ibiza is a film, video and photo production company based in Ibiza and Formentera representing directors and photographers and providing ..

Los Angeles - USA

5th Avenue Productions is a full service company, providing production and design services for commercials and photographic production both in ..

Shanghai - China

Based in Shanghai, Welldone Production is a full service production company specializing in photo & video production. We offer efficient ..

Russia - Saint Petersburg

Andy Fiord Production – a leading photo&film production company born in Russia. We provide a complete list of production services ..

Welcome to an Exclusive Global Network of production companies around the world. If you are seeking new destinations to produce compelling picture & motion content, you can have a look at our dynamic mood board and get in touch directly with our local members.
You can also contact 5 Continents Production to help you find the best location: we provide a Search and Cost Killing Service… send us your brief and we will help you work with our proper member for your next campaign!!

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Why 5 Continents is the best solution?

  • You have access to a dynamic mood board of locations.
  • You work with a network of trusted, experienced and passionate local production crews.
  • You don’t waste time with costly middle men.
  • You can contact directly the local production crews.


  • If you don’t have time or don’t know where to go for your next campaign leave it to us, we’ll take care of it.
  • Whether you work with one of our members or not, we’re still here to provide a cost killing consultancy service in order to save you money where you can in your production.

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To guarantee the same service, professionalism and passion for production everywhere you decide to go, 5 Continents created its 10 commandments each member has to fullfill.

Be part of this local solution for global clients.
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