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Languages: The company’s enthusiastic and highly experienced staff speak English, Finnish, Italian, Estonian.
Direct Phone: +372 53 636 574
Direct E‐mail:
Contact: Ingrid Eloranta
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Cuba Films & Estonian Production Service is an award-winning production / production service company located in Tallinn, Estonia. We offer high-quality production services for commercials, films and TV productions, photo shoots, music videos and content. We are committed to excellence and think of every possible option to provide you with the service you need, by focusing on quality and the highest standards, using internationally experienced directors, DOPs, artists, production designers, location managers, technical and SFX teams. Starting in 2016, we also offer production services in Cuba. We have worked for some of the most demanding clients and with great projects like IKEA, LIDL, FAZER, LEGO, TESCO, PANDA, NETWORK, LÄTTA etc.





Peetri 11-14, Tallinn, Estonia

Ingrid Eloranta

Contact persons:

Executive Producer
Ingrid Eloranta
Tel. +372 53 636 574

International Relations Manager / Junior Producer
Martin Tahvonen:
Tel +372 56 252 091


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