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Productions below zero

Artengo team travelled to Iceland for its lastest audiovisual work.

The last filming took place over impressive landscapes and temperatures below 0ºC for the racket sports brand, Artengo, putting to the test its Roll & Play FT730 and FT830 outdoor tennis tables.
The creative concept was in charge of the advertising agency Fred & Farid under the claim “Play Anywhere” in which a mission was created for the Artengo team: test the limits of its product overcoming different terrains and weather conditions on Iceland with the guide of Oli, an expert in the geology of this country.
To overcome the challenge, two tests took place. The first one made near deep lake shores with low temperaturas and surrounded by dazzling glaciars; and the second test made under rocky terrain enframed by mountains, cliffs and extraordinary waterfalls.

The Vik black sand beach, the Skógafoss waterfall and the Jökulsárlón glaciar lake were some of the places used as scenary to execute the mission.
The direction of this video was in charged of the director José Pouchucq who worked along with ArticON.
The equipment used was key to capture the amazing landscapes that Iceland has to offer. The use of a DJI Inspire 1 drone allowed the team to make aerial and wide shots of the surroundings meanwhile the Sony FS700 and the Black Magic 4K highlithted the product and carácter details of each of the scenes illustrated on the storyboard and script created by the advertising agency RVD Media Group.
Enjoy the lastest audiovisual production that was made by exploring new worlds, overcoming challenges and creating realities that inspire.
To learn more about the results of this work we invite you to read the following interview with Greg Ross, Image Manager for Artengo.