10 unforgettable sunsets around the world

There are two periods each day that are ideal for photography and audiovisual productions, defined by soft lights, with the amount of light needed for people or objects to be reflected by a dim, almost mystical light, with pastel colours that help to set a unique moment.

We can find these instants when the sun is at its lowest point. The first or last hours of the day are the best in terms of lighting, especially if we are looking for outdoor photography.

When the sun is low, approaching the horizon, the light it projects has warm shades that make these instants one of the most precious, therefore it is widely used in photography of portraits and landscapes.

In the twilights of the sun we see several minutes in which the predominant tones are reddish (golden hour) or blue (blue hour), which have been used by many photographers and in audiovisual productions for cinema.

Today we have collect a total of 10 locations around the world to find the best sunsets for your audiovisual productions or photo shootings.

Kenya – Masai Mara National Park

To see one of the most impressive sunsets on the African continent, head to the Masai Mara nature reserve, in the Serengeti region in southwestern Kenya. In the exotic African savannah, the sun hides behind the acacias and parading animals, making one of the most idealized sunsets in the world.

The Masai Mara National Park offers the image par excellence of the impressive wildlife of Africa. If you can enjoy a magical sunset or sunrise there with the silhouette of some animals in the background, the better.

India – Taj Mahal

Its own magic, its love story and its environment make the Taj Mahal a place worth visiting. When the sun goes down, a golden tone covers the entire monument and the sun’s rays play with its walls. Capture the moment in your next audiovisual production.

The best way to see a magnificent sunset with this wonder of the world in the background, is to cross to the other side of the Yamuna River. There is an esplanade just behind the Taj Mahal where people usually gather to see the sunset over it.

Another option is to dine on the roof of the Shanti Lodge Restaurant, two hundred meters from the Taj Mahal that allows you to enjoy a sunset in front of this fabulous monument.

Greece – Santorini

The Greek Islands are a delight for the senses and, specifically, Santorini, with its combination of volcanic stones, paradisiacal beaches and white villages.

The most special thing about the Greek town of Oia, hidden in Santorini and easily identifiable by its houses embedded in the volcanic rock, are its sunsets. Oia is a small village on the northwest coast that embraces the depths of the so-called Caldera, from which we can witness one of the best sunsets in the world, as the sun sinks in the Aegean Sea. Will you lose this image in your audiovisual production?

It’s like something mystical that attracts and bewitches. Choose your place between the intricate alleyways of the town or near the small fortress at the end, and make sure there is enough time to wait for that mystical moment.

Indonesia – Bali

On Bali one of the most fascinating enclaves to watch the sunset is the 75 metres high cliff where the Pura Luhur Uluwatu rises, one of the most popular temples on the island.

The sunset light gives a special glow to the Uluwatu temple and its surroundings. It is the “golden hour” to photograph this place, wisely chosen by its ancient Hindu builders. One of the most impressive sunsets in the world that you will want to capture in a photographic or audiovisual project.

Very close, and another option, is “El Kabrón” a place located in a privileged position, 40 metres above the beach of Uluwatu in the southwest of Bali. The place is a simple white house with a hurdle roof and a garden with cushions and low tables that opens to the panoramic view of the ocean.

The orange ball of the sun is breathtaking, the sky fills up little by little with pastel strokes while a handful of surfers patiently wait for the waves a few meters offshore. Enjoy this great spectacle of the sunset.

Ibiza, its coves, beaches or cliffs

In Ibiza you have plenty of options to capture the best sunsets on the island. If you prefer coves, you have the one of Benirrás or Cala Conta, well known for their sunsets.

Benirrás, a small cove, can be reached by car from San Miguel, or by boat. It is surrounded by trees and trails, between hills, which keeps it sheltered from the wind.

Cala Conta is located in the western part of the island, in an area with ​​clean waters and, of course, more relaxed sunsets than you can use in your next audiovisual project.

If you want a more original proposal do not hesitate to go to the Natural Park of Ses Salines, with visits to Formentera and Es Vedrá. Es Vedrá is a mountain in the sea, you can only reach it in private boats. It should be borne in mind that the islets, belonging to the Es Vedrà Nature Reserve, Es Vedranell and the islets of Poniente, are classified as areas of strict protection. A good place to see the fall of the sun is the beach Cala d’Hort, with a fantastic view on Es Vedrá, which rises dramatically from the sea only several hundred metres from the shore.

Japan – Mount Fuji

If Japan has a symbol, than it is undoubtedly Mount Fuji. Its perfect form and its iconographic environment inspired the great master Hokusai to create his most representative and famous works.

Hakone, south of Tokyo, is one of the best places to admire this peak, especially in autumn. It is among the three best sites to contemplate the imposing Mount Fuji, with its more than 3,700 meters of height.

From the jetty of Moto-Hakone you will probably see the most famous picture of Japan: the Fuji in the background with its perpetual snow, Lake Ashi, the red mountains on both sides and, on the right, the big torii (sacred door) in the middle of the water that welcomes a coquettish bay full of fishermen’s boats. A perfect framework for your next audiovisual production, don’t you think?

Madagascar – Valley of the Baobabs

Baobabs Avenue is a protected area since 2007, near Morondava. Baobab trees can measure up to 30 metres high and have an age up to thousand years. Arriving there at sunset is pure magic.

When the sun begins to fall among the baobabs, jumping from branch to branch, the colour show begins, the clouds are scattered across the sky and the baobabs seem to change colour due to the environment that is created around them to the sun’s illumination.

When the sun goes down, the baobabs stand out picturesque against the reddish colour in the background. You will have to decide what is the moment you want to capture in an audiovisual production.

France – Montblanc and Paris

On the high peaks of the Alps, the pure air allows the sun to set with total clarity. The light reflects on the snow on the Aiguille du Midi, at 3,842 metres, accessible by cable car and a perfect destination for expert mountaineers and skiers.

The refuge of the White Lake is one of the most known and frequented in the area. It is located in the massif of the Red Needles, sheltered by impressive peaks, and has a dream view. From here you can see perfectly the Green Needle and the Dru, the Grandes Jorasses, the Needles of Chamonix and, of course, the great Mont Blanc. When the sun says goodbye to the sharp needles of the Mont Blanc massif, the spectacle is incomparable.

And, if what you are looking for is something more urban for your audiovisual production … you have Paris.

If you want to make in Paris the perfect sunset photo with the Eiffel Tower, you will have to go to the gardens of the Trocadéro, on the other side of the river Seine. The so-called Trocadero Esplanade offers the most wonderful views of the Eiffel Tower with the rooftops of Paris in the background.

Without a doubt, the Eiffel Tower itself is also a great place to watch the sunset. The 360º panoramic views from the top of the tower will allow you to see all of Paris bathed in the last rays of the sunlight. This, together with the beautiful orange sky, makes these views from the Eiffel Tower an unforgettable sunset.

United States – The Grand Canyon of the Colorado river

Its monoliths up to 300 metres high are dyed red in the evening light and create a breathtaking spectacle. It has been seen countless times in westerns like The Diligence and Centaurs of the Desert, directed by John Ford and played by John Wayne. A location of this type does not need more than to appear in your next audiovisual production.

United States – Chicago and New York

Signature’s Room located in the Hancock Tower of Chicago has one of the best urban panoramas in the world. When the sunset comes, you only have to look through its large windows and you will remain with your mouth wide open. The access is free and you can have a drink while you enjoy this unique show.

In New York, there are several skyscrapers from which you can contemplate the sunset surrounded by people. If you are looking for a quieter space with the perfect skyline, your place is the Brooklyn Bridge Park. This 34-hectare park in an elevated position on the East River side of Brooklyn, has been renovated to be more attractive and is located more than a mile from Brooklyn’s post-industrial shore.

There is no better place in the city to see the sunset in Manhattan than this Brooklyn Bridge Park, it simply has the best and most emblematic views of Lower Manhattan. Although the skyscrapers of the financial district reach the clouds, the true wonder of a New York City sunset can be seen in the windows of the One World Trade centre, as it reflects the range of sunset colours. Another location for all tastes and needs of your audiovisual production.


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