Today we are going to South America to see more of the National Park Torres del Paine, Chile, considered as one of the wonders of the world. You will find here locations of all kinds for your audiovisual projects or photographic shoots.

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Rye is a town in the county of Sussex which is known for possessing one of England’s best preserved medieval tracings. Time seems to have stopped between the houses with their wonderful wooden framework and the cobbled streets. This town is located only one hour by train from London and has many locations for your next audiovisual projects.

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The Faroe Islands are located in the North Atlantic, geographically halfway between Scotland and Iceland. These islands are a part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The archipelago, made up of 18 islands, with only 50,000 inhabitants, is a rocky area with steep slopes, usually surrounded by thick fog. The weather is windy. It offers ideal locations for audiovisual productions or photographic shootings with a mystical, magical or mysterious factor.

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Among the many deserts that exist in the world, we focus today on the Namib Desert, one of the few with a variety of spectacular scenery.

We can find locations as an area of dead trees in the desert (Dead Vlei), giant dunes (Sossusvlei), rugged areas that look like from another planet, and also species adapted to the lack of water.

If you are thinking of an risky audiovisual production or photographic shooting, different and with extreme conditions, this is your place.

Shall we begin?

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The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are two archipelagos, politically belonging to India, although they are quite far from the continent. The map shows they are located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, south of the Bay of Bengal. Both archipelagos offer georgious beaches of white sand and crystal clear water. It is an unknown destination, away from mass tourism with an extensive underwater fauna and flora. The tropical islands are covered with thick forests and surrounded by beaches protected by corals. Continue reading ..

Discover the life of a Pm in China.

We met Sharon, a production manager of a 5 Continents Production member in Shanghai, who kindly showed us some nice areas of the city to understand the contrast between the old and the modern. During this wonderful day we asked her to tell us about Shanghai, productions and why European clients should come to China for their next projects.

Hi Sharon, Tell us about you?

I am the Producer and Manager of a full service production company based in Shanghai, China. We specialize in producing photo and video projects in China, including some Asian cities, such as Hongkong and Taiwan .

We offer services of production for advertising, fashion, editorial, and stock photography , video projects and tv commercials.
Our team has a good understanding and rich working experience of both western culture and Chinese market.

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Artengo team travelled to Iceland for its lastest audiovisual work.

The last filming took place over impressive landscapes and temperatures below 0ºC for the racket sports brand, Artengo, putting to the test its Roll & Play FT730 and FT830 outdoor tennis tables.
The creative concept was in charge of the advertising agency Fred & Farid under the claim “Play Anywhere” in which a mission was created for the Artengo team: test the limits of its product overcoming different terrains and weather conditions on Iceland with the guide of Oli, an expert in the geology of this country.
To overcome the challenge, two tests took place. The first one made near deep lake shores with low temperaturas and surrounded by dazzling glaciars; and the second test made under rocky terrain enframed by mountains, cliffs and extraordinary waterfalls.
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