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Languages: English – Spanish
Direct Phone: +521 333 2018623
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Ana Gaby Roqueni

Latina productions is a leading production services company founded by dedicated people who apply their local knowledge to make a production a happy experience. "Our belief is to build relationships from proven results.” We have extensive experience in finding the perfect location for any kind of project, as well as a boutique production company we are able to adapt to any budget. We deliver consistent quality and provide a full range of photo and video services, including local crews, location scouting, casting, equipment, logistics, customs support, permits and more. We have locations in any part of the Country but our mainly destination is The Caribbean, were we are based.





Tulum, México


Ana Gaby Roqueni


+521 333 2018623

I have worked in the production Industry for the last 10 years, coordinating any kind of production. I decide to form Latina productions 4 years ago, with one of the best location manager of México and Latin America.
Expert with foreign crews offering them always the best solutions and logistics for their projects.
Smooth productions from start to finish.
Always excited to have new projects and meet new faces.


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